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Welcome to The Giving Tree
"Where Kids Learn the Joy of Giving!”

The Giving Tree Holiday Shop features over 100 different quality gift items priced within a child's budget, from $.20 to $9.50 with most gifts under $3.00. You'll find something here for everyone on a child's list: Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Grandparents, and Special Friends.

The Giving Tree Holiday Shop was developed by responding to the needs of school administrators, teachers, and parents. The result is an in-school shopping program that is customized specifically for your school. You choose which groups of gift items you receive. Choose from our Basic, Kids, Holiday, Expensive, Collegiate, and Clearance lists. Everything you need to run a successful Holiday Shop is included. All you do is sign up volunteers!

Best of all, our program is RISK-FREE... there are no freight charges or hidden costs... you only pay for the merchandise you sell and everyone enjoys the holiday spirit! Where Kids Learn the Joy of Giving!

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